PR4303 Recorder

  • Record all kinds of signals
  • up to 6 Analog  inputs
  • up to 8 Digital inputs
  • Up to 6 digital outputs
  • Up to 2 analog outputs with PID controller
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The PR4303 recorder has the ability to record a variety of signals unlimitedly. All recorded data can be seen on the 4.3-inch display of this recorder. By connecting a flash drive, we can take a backup of the information in Excel format and see all the information on the computer. It also has control operations in addition to data recording, with two outputs of the PID controller and a number of digital outputs (up to 6 programmable relays). With the help of the definition of the formula and the support of all math functions, we can write as a PLC for this device. This device is smaller than the size of the PR 5618 and has fewer inputs and outputs. Other feature of this device is the ability to determine the level of access to adjust settings and work with the device. It also supports various communication protocols such as RS485 and Ethernet. Send us an e-mail to order your desired specifications such as the number of inputs, outputs, communication protocols. You can also contact us on this page if you have any questions.



TypePaperless Recorder
InputsUp to 8 universal inputs
Digital OutputsUp to 6 programmable Relays
Analog Outputs2 PID Controllers
Communication protocolRS485
Data display formatGraph
Bar graph
Voltage measurementYes
Current measurementYes
Frequancy measurementYes
Resistance measurementYes
Defining formulaYes


Download “PR4303UserGuide-En” PR43032019UG-En-V1.2.pdf – Downloaded 37 times – 2 MB

Download “PR4303 Order table” Order.Data_.PR4303SBC.pdf – Downloaded 68 times – 269 KB

Download “PR4303 catalog-EN” CA4303en.pdf – Downloaded 35 times – 494 KB


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