PR1536 Recorder

15-inches touch screen

Record and save a variety of signals indefinitely

48 Universal inputs

16 programmable contact relays


The PR1536 recorder has the ability to record a variety of signals indefinitely. All the recorded data can be seen in the 15-inch screen of this recorder. By connecting a flash memory, you can take a backup of the data in Excel format and observe the data on a computer. Another feature of this device is to determine the level of access, to apply settings and work with the device.


 To order, send us your desired details such as the number of inputs, outputs, communication protocols, etc. via e-mail. You can also contact us through this page if you have any questions.



Type: paperless recorder

Display screen: 15 inches

Number of inputs: 48 Universal inputs

Number of digital outputs: 16 programmable contact relays

Communication protocol: RS485, Ethernet

Data display format: graph, bar graph, digital


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