PR4303 pH meter

pH meter is one of the options which can be installed on PR4303 (another option of the PR4303 is conductivity meter). With this option, PR4303 can measure the pH of the liquids with high accuracy.

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The PR4304 pH meter , manufactured by Arman Farapajoohan, has been designed and produced to measure the pH with high accuracy. In fact, the pH meter is an option that, depending on the order, can be installed on the PR4303 recorder. The other options that can be installed on this device is a conductivity meter that is used to measure the amount of conductivity of fluids in various industries, such as steel making, power plants, etc. More information about the conductivity meter can be found here. Due to the high input impedance of this device, direct connection of the pH meter’s sensor to the device is possible. Since the behavior of the pH sensor changes over time (impedance reduction), it is necessary to calibrate the sensor in certain intervals to achieve the desired accuracy. For this reason, the pH meter PR4303 is defined for the purpose of calibrating a sensor of a dedicated plate. It is better to perform calibration every two weeks so that accuracy is not reduced.

Calibration Sensor calibration is done in this device to achieve the highest accuracy with a two-point method. In this method, two highly accurate pH buffers are required to be used as a reference to calibrate the sensor. For example pH7 and pH10. The calibration steps are as follows. You can also see the calibration tutorial video for the PR4303 device.

1. Sensor connection to the device (as shown below).

2. Log in to the device to open the menu.

3. Go to the calibration screen in the device menu( screen/ pH calibration).

4. Insert the sensor inside a less pH.

5. Wait for at least 30 seconds, so the sensor will reach the same temperature with the solution.

6. Enter the pH amount inside the Real pH field.

7. Touch the A button.

8. Wash the sensor head with solution 7 or the next solution where the sensor is going to be placed.

9. Insert the sensor inside the next pH (higher pH).

10. Wait for at least 30 seconds, so the sensor will reach the same temperature with the solution.

11. Enter the pH amount inside the Real pH field.

12. Touch the Point button.


TypeRecorder, pH meter
Digital Outputs2
Analog Outputs1
Communication protocolRS485
Data display foramtGraph
Bar Graph
Calibration typeTwo points
Direct sensor connectionYes
Temperature sensor typePt100
Defining FormulaYes


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